FOMO Chronicles are thrilled to announced that our partnership Manga NFT sale with ROSEON FINANCE will take place on:

📆 FRIDAY 21st JANUARY ⏰ 15:00 UTC


ONLY 100 Manga NFTs will be on sale for 1 BNB each. The sale will take place on BABYLONS Marketplace

Here ▶️ (https://app.babylons.io/manga?tab=vitrine) ◀️

Keep an eye out for Mangas purchasable in $OTAKU Tokens too !!


1. — 50 addresses will be whitelisted to partcipate in an upcoming Roseonpad IAO.*

2. — 10 purchasers will be airdropped $300 worth of $ROSN Tokens

3. — 30 purchasers will be airdropped $200 worth of $ROSN Tokens

4. — 60 purchasers will be airdropped $100 worth of $ROSN Tokens

5. — 15 manga holders will receive a character card when Roseon’s P2E game is released

6. — Every manga holder will be whitelisted for Roseon’s beta of their P2E game


1. Song NFT for use in FOMO BEATZ P2E Game
2. 30 purchasers get 5,000k $OTAKU
3. 20 purchasers get 10,000k $OTAKU
4. 5 purchasers get 20,000k $OTAKU
5. 25% of manga purchasers will receive a specific character card for FOMO BEATZ P2E Game
6. 20% Profit Sharing for Shogun (Tier 1) & Samurai (Tier 2) when you purchase this edition!
7. 10% Passive Income for Shogun (Tier 1)

EVERY NFT Manga purchaser will be rewarded🏆🏆
It’s just a matter of by how much!! 💰💰
You gotta be in it to win it !! 🏁🏁

Please check out ROSEON FINANCE socials:

🌐 https://roseon.finance/
💬 https://t.me/Roseon
🐦 https://twitter.com/RoseonFinance
📜 https://medium.com/tag/roseon-finance

Roseonpad IAO.* Details to be announced.




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