Introducing $OTAKU & FOMO Chronicles Manga

An ecosystem combining Manga, Art NFT’s and Decentralised Finance.

Welcome ! We are are delighted to present The FOMO Chronicles and $OTAKU Token - our ecosystem combining Manga, Art, NFT’s and Decentralised Finance.

As massive fans of both Manga and Defi, the team at FOMO had the passion and vision to bring Manga to the blockchain. Combining it with the massive digital potential of NFT’s (Non Fungible Token’s) and the might of Defi (Decentralised Finance), this has created an ecosystem where you get paid to own and read Manga!

MANGA - What is it ?

Manga is a Japanese style of artwork that is published in a graphic novel format, similar to comics in the West. Although slightly different, there is also a Chinese version is called Manhua and the South Korean version is called Manhwa.

MANGA is Big Business

Manga makes up over 40% of all published magazines and books in Japan. This makes Manga larger than all comic production in America.
In 2020 Manga sales topped a record breaking 600 billion Yen. ($5.5Billion)

The most recently available data on manga sales in the United States revealed that manga sales growth amounted to 44 percent in 2020.

Why Manga ?

Digitising Manga is a natural progression of the genre, making it much more far reaching and less reliant on physical resources for production. Storing Manga on the blockchain as digital assets that wont ever degrade, and minting them as NFT’s combining their ability to encrypt all sorts of additional information and utility, is the perfect evolution. With the recent massive rise in value and popularity of NFT’s combined with the record levels of Manga sales, to blend the two was a necessity. To further integrate Defi (Decentralised Finance) is the next level.

Why DEFI ?

Defi is one of the biggest and most successful revolutions within the cryptospace, bringing with it massive amounts of revenue and huge gains for its users. We at FOMO realised that it was possible to merge the worlds of Manga and Defi and bring you a product (FOMO Chronicles) and a Token ($OTAKU) that can be used in our Defi ecosystem. This will make it possible to reward investors with passive earnings.

The FOMO Chronicles

This is the first graphic novel series that FOMO will produce. It will be the world’s first animated Manga on the blockchain. It is a fun and uplifting series of adventures that follow our unlikely hero - Otaku on his many schemes to make it rich quick in crypto. Unfortunately he falls prey to the many hazards and pitfalls that we can all be faced with in crypto. The ensuing lessons are aimed to help anyone new to the space, to not fall victim to such scenarios, in a fun and immersive way.

With The FOMO Chronicles you will ‘Earn as you Learn’ about many aspects of crypto along with best and safe practices. The FOMO Chronicles will be released as a limited edition NFT with multiple bonus utilities, which will be announced closer to release date. One such utility they will all include will be an allocation of $OTAKU tokens which can then be used within the $OTAKU ecosystem.

What is the $OTAKU Token ?

The $OTAKU Token is the native token that will be used for the whole ecosystem. It will have multiple uses.

  • The $OTAKU payment system
  • $OTAKU Staking and farming for rewards
  • $OTAKU Airdrops
  • FOMO Governance committee
  • NFT Creation
  • $OTAKU Creator grant
  • Guaranteed NFT Manga Subscription
  • Tier Memberships

The FOMO Chronicles vision

The vision of FOMO Chronicles is to become world renowned as a leading project for Manga and its art form on the Blockchain, rewarding both investors and artists alike. One of FOMO’s priorities is to help new artists as well as established Manga projects to enter the crypto space and become successful on the blockchain. This will be done by providing guidance and funding through the $OTAKU grant scheme.

FOMO Chronicles Partnerships

FOMO Chronicles MANGA has already secured multiple partnerships with established successful crypto projects to produce exclusive Manga editions. They will include their own characters and provide a brief insight into who they are. These editions will be offered predominantly to their communities and will include extra bonus utilities from each specific project. This will be one of the many reasons for purchasing a subscription for guaranteed Manga NFT’s.


We hope you enjoyed this brief introduction into manga and The FOMO Chronicles and that you will join us on this exciting journey into a world of fun and adventure which will be a profitable one. Manga is here to stay and $OTAKU will be a big part of that future. Stay tuned for more !!

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