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FOMO Chronicles
11 min readOct 1, 2021


@ Roseon Finance — 1st October 2021

Featuring — Nick Odio -CMO @ FOMO Chronicles & HLong -CM @ Roseon Finance.


  • Welcome to Roseon Finance group Mr. @cryptodio. Thank you for spending the time sharing your project with the community

Q: 1. Can you briefly introduce yourself and the Fomo Chronicles project please?

A: 1. Hi Roseon Group. Thanks for having me today. Super excited about our partnership together and ready to fill your community in on Manga! I’m Nick Odio, I’m the CMO here at FOMO Chronicles Manga. Since I’m sure we’ll dive into more questions that will encapsulate the broader mission, token utility, partnerships, etc… I’ll just give a high-level overview of what Manga is all about.

Manga is an NFT project with extremely strong DeFi mechanics and elements of play-to-earn blockchain gaming. It’s basically all the things we love in crypto these days wrapped into one… and in a super fun, engaging, and educating way. By taking animated manga NFTs (none of the static image stuff we see so much of lately), we are able to educate the cryptosphere about fundamentally sound projects (our partners) and how to avoid the many pitfalls of crypto investing.

In doing so, we are able to reach many different communities, as the model lends itself incredible to partnerships, while rewarding the holders of our various manga editions and our $OTAKU tokens.

  • Thank you. So many manga fans nowadays, the project will have a lot of supporters, Thank you for your sharing. Let’s go to next question:

Q: 2. What are the purposes of the projects and the idea behind it? Can you share a little bit about it?

A: 2. Absolutely! I would say that our purpose here at Manga is multifaceted.

1 -We want to help crypto projects by highlighting their strengths through a unique animated manga NFT and storyline. And not only through the story or the character in the manga but also through the utility that these partner projects associate to their mangas. Each project can associate utility specific to their projects value proposition which is a great way to engage their community and get folks from the our community to take notice as well.

2 -We also want to give manga content creators a space and market where they can show their value to the world. So far manga hasn’t really made its presence known in the blockchain space, but the world of NFTs is ripe for it… and like you mentioned, there are SO MANY manga fans these days. We intend to give creators a platform so that we can help bring manga to blockchain.

3- Our aim is to educate the cryptosphere to the dangers of crypto by using our highly comical manga NFT. Our main character Otaku is always finding himself in these precarious situations that so many of us in crypto have either fallen victim to or can relate to in some way. Hopefully, through Otaku’s story we are able to prevent some of these things from happening in real life.

4- We want to reward our token holders and those who collect our mangas. This is where the strong DeFi mechanics really play there roll. 30% of the sales of the NFTs is used to buy back $OTAKU tokens and airdrop them to our token holders. 15% is used to buy back $OTAKU tokens and stake them. And another 15% is used to buy back the partner projects token.

  • Okay haha of course rewards for users are always an attractive part, Okay that’s seems FomoChronicles has good purposes overall.

Q: 3. How can users support the project? What is the roadmap of the project?

A: 3. Sure ! You can find the roadmap here:

  • Nice thank you for sharing. We see IDO launch in Q4. So promising.

A: In a more holistic sense, we are on a mission to have 50 partner projects before our TGE coming up in around 2 weeks time. We’re almost there already! Over 45 partnerships and counting.

As far as how users can support the project, we’d love for folks to participate in our IDOs. We’ve already announced Poolz as one of the platforms… I believe you guys launched there if I’m not mistaken?? And we’ve got at least 3 more that we’ll be announcing in the coming days.

  • Awesome. Fomo Chronicles will IDO on Poolz launchpad guys remember it. And more launchpads will be announced later.
  • Okay next question.

Q: 4. Could you please enlighten us on the partnership with Roseon finance? What goals, products or services that we should expect from this great partnership?

A: 4. Absolutely! First of all, we’re super excited to unveil your manganized character Rose! I know our team has been working hard on her and crafting a pretty epic story to go along with the manga NFTs that we’ll be dropping together. I know the Roseon team has also attributed some pretty epic utility to the Roseon manga edition but I’ll let your team share that part with the community when you’re ready 😉

From the FOMO Chronicles side, we will be airdropping 3500 $OTAKU tokens to anyone who purchases this Roseon/FOMO Chronicles manga NFT! Of course the goal is to reward both of our communities with high quality animated NFTs jam packed with utility and also grow our communities together through our cross promotional efforts 💥

  • Thank you for your sharing. Roseon team appreciate your support and partnership ❤️
  • “From the FOMO Chronicles side, we will be airdropping 3500 $OTAKU tokens to anyone who purchases this Roseon/FOMO Chronicles manga NFT!”
  • Hahah awesome. Okay this is the end of the first part. Next session is questions selected from the community. Okay first question is:

Q: 1. The NFT market is obviously the next big thing in Crypto, recently we have been seeing so many NFT projects coming up, what makes Manga #NFTs unique?

A: 1. Great question! Manga NFTs are unique for a few reasons:

  • 1. As we briefly touched on earlier, manga is wildly popular these days but no so much in crypto. FOMO Chronicles gives some of the worlds best artists a platform to showcase their talents to the NFT space.
  • 2. Most NFTs are just static Jpegs these days it seems. Ours are fully animated and tell a story. Just the intrinsic value of the art alone, to me, is worth so much more than some of the things we’re seeing these days.
  • 3. Most NFTs don’t come with utility… and if they do, they definitely don’t come with utility from TWO different projects. FOMO Chronicles along with our partners for each specific edition attach enough utility to these things that even if they were static Jpegs, they’d be worth buying 😂
  • Thank you. Next question from Twitter is:
  • Q: 2. Could you share what are the best features that MANGA have to make user interested in and invest to your project? And what are the benefits and motivations of holding your token for long-term?
  • A: 2. Our $OTAKU tokens have quite a few use cases:
  • 1. We will be using $OTAKU as the standard currency for our upcoming NFT marketplace. Users will need to buy $OTAKU to purchase NFTs in our marketplace.
  • 2. We have also tiered memberships where higher $OTAKU holders will access VIP utilities such as profit sharing and passive income from NFT sales.
  • 3. We will also be introducing a Play 2 Earn game where $OTAKU is the in-game currency to purchase our gaming NFT cards and also to reward $OTAKU when they play the game.
  • 4. Us AND our partner projects will also be buying back $OTAKU with a portion of the sales from each manga edition. We currently have about 45 partners that will be selling 100 mangas each to their communities for 2BNB a piece. Nearly all of that goes to buying back $OTAKU for airdrops, staking, or adding liquidity.
  • We believed with such a strong use cases for $OTAKU, we are able to motivate more users to hold our tokens for the long haul!
  • Ohh I see P2E games. Very interesting use case.
  • Thanks! We’re all about bridging NFT/DeFi/Gaming 🚀
  • Nice to hear that! Sounds bullish. So next question is about your business model.

Q: 3. A project that wants to develop, maintain and go long-term needs a steady stream of revenue. Please share how to generate profits and revenue for the project? How to allocate revenue to bring profits to both projects and investors?

A: 3. Great question! We have established an excellent revenue generating system for both investors and company. As part of our revenue stream, for each of our Manga NFT sales, we will be using a portion of the sales to reward our investors in our tiers with passive income and profit sharing. A portion will be used to buy back $OTAKU tokens and partner’s token and the remaining will go to the company’s reserve. This revenue stream will ensure that the project will have sufficient funds for the long run and not needing to raise anymore money else where. Keep in mind, all our revenue will be in either $OTAKU or partner projects tokens. The NFTs are sold for BNB but we sell all of that into $OTAKU and our partner’s token. For example, 15% of the sales for the Roseon mangas will go toward buying and holding $ROSN 😉

  • Oh nice win-win situation. Next question is about liquidity.

Q: 4. Staking programme is very important for any project, Can i stake your token? Do you have any plan of starting staking programme?

A: 4. Yes! We do. We will be using Ferrum’s industry standard Staking as a Service solutions to deploy a number of staking pools. We also have a preferred partner DEX on BSC. Everyone knows this DEX but we can’t share quite yet. However, we’ll have a pretty nice farm there with some good multipliers on rewards since we’ll be doing a special manga edition for them. We have another partner project who will be creating an autocompounding farm by tapping into the LP of the DEX. The autocompounding farm will be a great way to grow your OTAKU bags 💥

  • Compoundingggg…sounds profitable!
  • The 8th wonder of the world 😊
  • LOL. Okay…

Q: 5.Will you have any strategic partnership with Famous Japanese MANGA like One Piece, NARUTO, Kimetsu no Yaiba and many more? And do you have some plan to make an collaboration with Famous MANGA writers from Japan like Eiichiro Oda or Masashi Kishimoto? Nice question for manga fan

A: 5. Haha we are working very hard to make that a dream come true. However, we have signed a partnership with a Japanese Studio that is a veteran in the Manga/Anime space and will be handling some of our NFTs. We will continue to secure more partnerships and collaboration with Japanese studios in the hope that one day we will make Japanese manga mainstream in Crypto. 🙏

  • Thank you. Let’s go to the final show. Live Q&A questions from telegram users:

Q: 1. Many projects raise funds with IDO, ICO, Presale, etc. events. in fact, once listed on the market, 70% of them just play pump and dump schemes and end the story with Rugpull. What makes $OTAKU Different and won’t do the Same Schema? And How do you earn Community trust?

A: 1. Great question! First of all our team is fully doxxed and many of us are from one of the more reputable companies in the space, Ferrum Network. We also have a multitude of partnerships lined up already all of whom have an immense amount of confidence in the project. Furthermore, our tokenomics are super sound with an initial market cap of under 150k. Also the revenue model and DeFi mechanics lend itself super nicely to some organic price action!

Q: 2. While you build this project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?#FomoChronicles

A: 2. Absolutely! Please join our channels and drop your feedback. At the end of the day we are a community driven project and we’d love for you to be a part of it!

Q: 3. please tell me,
What is the Main FOCUS of your project??

a) Customers
b) Partnerships and Collaborations
c) Security
d) Products

A: 3. I’d say all 4! Our Customers/Community are heavily rewarded for holding $OTAKU and mangas. Our partners receive incredible cross marketing opportunities and their own manga NFTs that they can in turn monetize. Security is at the forefront of our ethos. With Ferrum, who are pretty much “paranoid security freaks,” deploying our staking tech and other Ferrum incubated projects like Babylons deploying our marketplace, you can rest assured that security is of the upmost importance. As for products, we put a major emphasis on the quality of artists we bring on to create the mangas, the NFTs themselves have a ton of utility, our NFT marketplace that Babylons is creating for us is state of the art, our staking products from Ferrum are the industry standard and our P2E game is going to blow minds 💥

I still haven’t seen Fomo Chronicles appear much in the media and community. How do you plan to develop communication? And where is the current project’s community, how do you plan to expand your community?

Q: 4. I still haven’t seen Fomo Chronicles appear much in the media and community. How do you plan to develop communication? And where is the current project’s community, how do you plan to expand your community?

Q: 4. For a project still a few weeks away from TGE, we have pretty solid numbers with over 20k Twitter followers and nearly 6k TG. Our strategy for community growth though is pretty neat. For every project we partner with we do a gleam campaign to promote our communities. We have over 45 partners right now so you can see how this community overlap will start to reflect on the number of folks within our community.