FOMO Chronicles Manga & $OTAKU Token are introducing an amazing rewards system for holders and stakers of $OTAKU tokens and FOMO Chronicles Manga. This will incentivise holding tokens and collecting mangas by providing Passive Income, Profit Sharing, and multiple rewards for loyal supporters of the ‘FOMO Ecoverse’, putting the community…

@ Roseon Finance — 1st October 2021

Featuring — Nick Odio -CMO @ FOMO Chronicles & HLong -CM @ Roseon Finance.


  • Welcome to Roseon Finance group Mr. @cryptodio. Thank you for spending the time sharing your project with the community

Q: 1. Can you briefly introduce yourself and the Fomo Chronicles project please?

A: 1. Hi Roseon Group. Thanks for having me today. Super excited about our partnership together and ready…

An ecosystem combining Manga, Art NFT’s and Decentralised Finance.

Welcome ! We are are delighted to present The FOMO Chronicles and $OTAKU Token - our ecosystem combining Manga, Art, NFT’s and Decentralised Finance.

As massive fans of both Manga and Defi, the team at FOMO had the passion and vision to bring Manga to the blockchain. Combining it with…

Fomo Chronicles

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